The aroma of cinnamon and cloves in the fall!
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Chilli Sauce

This yummy recipe is a childhood favourite! It was something my Grandma made and a tradition my Mom continued. She makes it every fall after picking apples. We always love the familiar aroma of chilli sauce simmering on the stove. 

This sweet chilli sauce pairs nicely with roast beef, ham, meatloaf and rice casseroles!

~ Gluten & Dairy Free ~


12 tomatoes, peeled and chopped

12 apples, peeled and chopped

9 onions, chopped

1/4 cup salt

5 cups white sugar

1/2 cup vinegar

1 tsp ground cinnamon

1 tsp cloves

1 tsp ginger

1) Add all ingredients to a large pot

2) Simmer until sauce has thickened. 

3) Put chilli sauce in sterilized jars, following proper canning procedures. Let cool. 

Store in the refrigerator and serve cold. Chilli Sauce tastes especially great with rice casseroles, roast beef, hamburgers and hot dogs, pork chops, and ham.