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Succulent Lemon Pepper Shrimp!

Grilled Shrimp Skewers

These grilled shrimp skewers with a hint of lemon are a wonderful addition to an appetizer night!

~ Gluten & Dairy Free ~

4 Portions or 8 mini skewers


16 large frozen pre-cooked shrimp

4 large wood skewers or 8 mini skewers

1-2 fresh lemons


Coconut oil spray (or oil of your choice)

1 tbsp fresh parsley, chopped

1. Preheat barbeque.


2. Lightly spray wood skewers with coconut oil.  


3. Remove 16 shrimp from the freezer. Put shrimp in a colander and rinse in cool water, for a minute or two.

4. Put 4 pieces of shrimp on large skewers and 2 pieces of shrimp on small skewers. Spray shrimp with coconut oil.


5. Cut lemons into quarters.


6. Cover shrimp in freshly squeezed lemon juice and pepper. 

7. BBQ on medium heat for about 5 minutes. Garnish with freshly chopped parsley. 

Serve warm! 

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