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Sizzling Summer Shrimp

Best shrimp recipe ever!
~ Gluten & Dairy Free ~

4 side-dish servings or about 17 pieces of shrimp 


340 gram Wild Shrimp (About 17 jumbo shrimp)

3 tbsp vegan butter

1 onion, chopped 

1 clove of garlic, minced

1/2 tsp Southwest Chipotle Seasoning*

1/2 tbsp smoked paprika

1/4 tsp black pepper

1/4 tsp coarsely ground Himalayan salt

1/2 cup fresh parsley, chopped

1. Defrost shrimp the night before or soak a sealed bag of shrimp in cold water. 


2. In a large frying pan add vegan butter. Sauté sliced onion and garlic on medium heat, for 5 minutes. 

3.  Add shrimp to the frying pan with onions and garlic. Sprinkle Southwest Chipotle seasoning, salt, pepper and paprika on shrimp, stir shrimp around a couple of times until all shrimp are coated in seasoning. On medium heat, cook for 4 minutes per side. Halfway through cooking the shrimp, add 1/2 cup freshly chopped parsley. 

4.  Stir once more and serve in a colourful dish, on a salad, in shrimp tacos, as a side dish or as an appetizer. 


*Tip:  I used Club House Blends Southwest Chipotle for this recipe.
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