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Ontario Apples

Honeycrisp Apples- best eaten fresh. Crisp and sweet.

Gala Apples- best eaten fresh but I have enjoyed using Gala apples in my Cinnamon Apple Sauce and Morning Glory Muffins.

McIntosh Apples- Great for apple sauce, apple crisp and pies because they soften. They are also good eaten fresh. Mildly tart flavour.

Jonagold Apples- Great for cooking or eating fresh.

Northern Spy Apples- These crisp and firm apples are excellent for pies and baking.

Red Delicious Apples- These firm, sweet apples are best when eaten fresh or in salads, not for cooking.

Spartan Apples- These are great for pie filling or when eaten fresh.

Fuji Apples- Best when eaten fresh.

Golden Delicious Apples- These firm juicy apples are great in pies because they keep their shape. They are also good in apple sauce.

Empire Apples- These apples are tart, sweet, juicy and firm. They make a great snack or in apple sauce.

Crispin Apples- These have a tart to sweet taste that are good eaten fresh, baked in pies or in apple sauce.

Cortland Apples- This is a mild-tasting apple with a crisp texture. Good eaten fresh or baked in pies. These apples don't turn brown when cut so they are nice on a fruit tray or salad.

Ambrosia Apples- These apples are crispy and juicy with a low-acid flavour. These are best eaten fresh.

Idared Apples- Ideal for baking or eating fresh. Keeps its tart flavour when baked.



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